Stress reduction for high performance teams

Ambr helps high-performing teams reduce stress without the hassle of surveys - using data you already have.

Trusted by fast growth companies

Ambr works by using data on working practices to tackle stress

+ over 50 HR and project management products
  • Real-time, passive data from workplace tools.
  • No employee input needed.

Unlock significant savings by reducing workplace stress

  • 20%

    Reduction in Stress-Related Attrition

  • 40%

    Reduction in Stress-Related Absence 

  • $500K

    Annual Saving For Typical 500 Person Company

Designed for fast-paced environments

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    Targets workplace stressors, not symptoms

    Ambr pinpoints working practices contributing to stress, empowering you to take targeted, effective action.
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    Collects objective data with no need for traditional surveys

    Ambr leverages real-time data to empower your decision-making without taking up your teams' time
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    Measures impact on workplace stress reduction

    Track the effectiveness of interventions using Ambr's easy-to-use dashboard.
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    Prioritizes employee privacy while identifying team-level trends

    Fully GDPR compliant; Ambr use aggregated and anonymized data to surface valuable insights whilst protecting individual privacy.

Loved by our customers

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