Targeting the root causes of workplace stress

  • Gain real-time insights into your organization’s working practices
  • Enable proactive, targeted solutions to reduce workplace stressors
  • Automated data collection - no employee surveys required

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Ambr delivers measurable savings

  • 20%

    Reduction in Stress-Related Attrition

  • 40%

    Reduction in Stress-Related Absence 

  • $500K

    Annual Saving For Typical 500 Person Company

A real picture of the root causes of workplace stress

+ over 50 HR and project management products
  • Real-time, passive data from workplace tools.
  • No employee input needed.

Why Ambr is different

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    Beyond Apps and Programs

    Unlike common wellness initiatives, Ambr targets the root causes of workplace stress, enabling meaningful change.
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    Proven Interventions

    We prioritize evidence-based strategies that are proven to enhance wellbeing, rather than widespread but ineffective techniques.
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    Effortless Implementation

    Ambr operates without the need for direct employee input, acknowledging research findings that individuals most at risk of stress and attrition are often the least likely to participate in surveys or feedback mechanisms.

What customers say

"Ambr has provided underlying data that helps me make a case internally on topics affecting our teams - I no longer need to act on a hunch."


"The depth of insights Ambr provides allowed us to take a proactive, strategic approach to mental health & wellbeing at work, ensuring it is an integral part of our company culture."

SVP People & Culture, Mr Yum

"Ambr has helped to provide regular points of connection and sharing among the team. Mental health and wellbeing is front of mind for us at smol and it's been brilliant to have a tool that helps to track sentiment and identify pressure points so that we know when to step in."

HR Manager, Smol

"Before using Ambr, it was difficult to fully understand the impact of work levels on morale. Since implementing Ambr, I have noticed significant improvements; I manage meetings better and am conscious of how much I work outside working hours."

Mel, Project Manager, m3ter

"I've been impressed by how Ambr has transformed my understanding of my team's stress levels. It's been very helpful to catch signs of burnout early, through this low touch process."

Director, Olio

"Before implementing Ambr, our team's morale was significantly down. Since the introduction of Ambr, we've experienced improved clarity around the team's workload. The ease and simplicity of answering one question each day gives managers invaluable insights into their team's state of mind. This intuitive process is a considerable improvement on our previously cumbersome tool."

Analyst, Global Consulting Firm

"As the leader of a team, I've gotten significantly more insight into how my team is feeling and what to ask about, or look out for, with specific individuals. It really gives me context and insight."

Founder, Augment AI

Find out how Ambr can transform your organization

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