Proactive Workplace Wellbeing

  • Using real-time data from workplace tools
  • Team and organizational level approach
  • Targeting the root causes of stress and burnout

Ambr delivers measurable savings

  • 20%

    Reduction in Stress-Related Attrition

  • 40%

    Reduction in Stress-Related Absence 

  • $500K

    Annual Saving For Typical 500 Person Company




Real-time, passive data from workplace tools. Aggregated & anonymized team-level data to protect privacy.   Ambr is an easy-to-use dashboard showcasing your team’s scores on critical wellbeing and burnout risk factors.
Self-reported data from employees pushed directly through Microsoft Teams or Slack to combat survey fatigue. Tailored for HR, leadership and team managers, it requires no additional training. 

Loved By

  • "Ambr has provided underlying data that helps me make a case internally on topics affecting our teams - I no longer need to act on a hunch."

    Head of People & Culture, Uplink
  • "For me, creating a mentally healthy workplace is all about leveraging preventative solutions such as Ambr, that are embedded in our culture, behaviors and the flow of work. If you’re only treating the symptoms of burnout, you’re not addressing the root causes."

    VP of People & Culture. Mr Yum
  • "Ambr has helped to provide regular points of connection and sharing among the team. Mental health and wellbeing is front of mind for us at smol and it’s been brilliant to have a tool that helps to track sentiment and identify pressure points so that we know when to step in."

    People Manager, smol
  • "I've been impressed by how Ambr has transformed my understanding of my team's stress levels. It's been very helpful to catch signs of burnout early through this low touch process."

    Director, Olio
  • "As a team lead, I've gotten significantly more insight into how my team is feeling and what to ask about or look out for with specific individuals. It really gives me context and insight. "

    Chief Product Officer, Augment AI

Take A Truly Proactive Approach To Wellbeing

  • Identify organizational stressors early
  • Prevent burnout and disengagement

Prioritize Employee Trust And Privacy

  • Aggregate and anonymize data for confidentiality
  • Visualize team risk distribution for targeted action
  • Full GDPR compliance

Empower Managers To Better Understand Hybrid Teams

  • Overcome remote work managerial blind spots
  • Equip leaders with critical wellbeing data
  • Foster effective, data-informed work environments

Get A Free Burnout Risk Report

Designed specifically for HR and Business Leaders, this 2 minute report will assess your company's burnout risk and provide actionable insights to implement a proactive wellbeing strategy.