How Mr Yum Transformed their Culture with Ambr's Proactive Wellbeing Strategy

In today's fast-paced work environment, recognizing the signs of employee burnout isn’t enough. Companies need advanced tools that not only detect, but also prevent, the root causes of workplace stress. Enter Mr Yum, a hospitality giant spanning the UK, US, Australia, and New Zealand.

By tapping into Ambr's innovative technology, they fostered a cultural transformation where 82% of their employees felt at ease discussing stress.

This case study delves deep into the transformative partnership between Mr Yum and Ambr, focusing on proactive wellbeing strategies and fostering superior workplace health.

Mr yum

The Story of Mr Yum

Mr Yum has rapidly evolved into a global force in the hospitality industry, with operations spanning the UK, US, Australia, and New Zealand. As a forerunner in ordering, payments, and marketing, they consistently find themselves at the crossroads of innovation and workplace culture. However, like many fast-growing entities, they faced challenges. Their geographically diverse team meant coping with asynchronous schedules, risking employee burnout due to unwieldy meeting loads and potentially jeopardizing team coherence.

How Mr Yum Utilized Ambr's Unique Technology

Ambr stood out for Mr Yum, not just as a tool, but as a comprehensive solution. Here’s a closer look at how Ambr’s unique technology brought unparalleled insights to Mr Yum:

1. Data Analysis

Ambr's passive workplace data provided an objective view. This anonymized aggregate data was transformed into actionable insights, which went beyond identifying problems to actioning solutions.

2. Dissecting Meeting Overloads with Precision

One of Ambr's standout features was its ability to meticulously and automatically analyze meeting data. With its robust analytics, Mr Yum could pinpoint specific pain points, such as:

  • Hours spent in meetings by each team.
  • Identifying peak meeting times, revealing late night hours that employees had to be online.
  • Highlighting specific teams or departments that were under significant meeting load.

With these precise insights, the decision to overhaul meeting etiquette wasn’t just a shot in the dark, but a well-informed strategy.

3.Risk Factors Deep Dive

Ambr’s insights provided a foundational approach to understanding workplace stress. For Mr Yum, these became crucial pillars in developing their wellbeing narrative, ensuring that each risk factor was addressed with precision.

"The depth of insights Ambr provides allowed us to take a proactive, strategic approach to mental health & wellbeing at work, ensuring it is an integral part of our company culture."

Laura Sloane, VP People & Culture, Mr Yum

Innovative Solutions Born from Insightful Data

Armed with the comprehensive insights from Ambr, Mr Yum partnered with Ambr to embark on several transformative initiatives:

Meeting Culture Revolution

With the detailed insights on meeting volumes and their timings, Mr Yum could craft a more empathetic and efficient meeting culture. Not only have the number of meetings reduced, but employees are also empowered with tools and strategies to discern between essential meetings and those that can be tackled via other communication channels.

Fostering Global Collaboration

Recognizing the challenges of a globally dispersed team, Mr Yum introduced flexible work hours, promoting a culture of understanding. This has not only alleviated the stress of odd-hour meetings but also showcased the company's commitment to employee well-being.

Chance Café Initiative

A direct response to organizational analysis, the Chance Café on Slack aimed to break departmental silos. Randomly pairing employees, this initiative cultivated cross-departmental relationships, ensuring that Mr Yum isn't just a workplace but also a community.

Overall Results

Mr Yum's proactive approach, in partnership with Ambr, had profound effects. Their voluntary turnover rate, already industry leading, further solidified their reputation. More importantly, the narrative within Mr Yum shifted, with well-being becoming a central theme in company dialogues.

  • 82% of employees

    felt more comfortable discussing with their team when they're stressed

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