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Ambr Selected in Cloud Challengers Top 100 report10 min read

Ambr was selected in Notion VC's list of leading business-to-business software start-ups in Europe. 

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Ambr Now Available on Microsoft AppSource and Teams Store2 min read

Ambr today announced the availability of Ambr on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions, as well as directly through Microsoft Teams.


Ambr wants to solve the billion-dollar burnout problem5 min read

Worker burnout is real. Reports suggest that work-related chronic stress could be costing businesses up to $190 billion annually

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The 15 Most Exciting Mental Health Startups to Watch3 min read

Here are 15 European mental health startups to watch in 2023, according to some of the region's top investors.

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Mental health statistics are alarming, but startups can help, so let’s celebrate those working to make mental health more accessible and fight stigma.


Founder profile: Zoe Stones, Co-founder & CEO of Ambr5 min read

Zoe Stones is the co-founder and CEO of Ambr, a B2B SaaS platform that helps managers prevent burnout in their teams. 

Work, Life, No Balance: Burnout, with the co-founder of a start-up focused on preventing it36 min

Ambr co-founder Jamie opens up about his own experiences of burnout as a young management consultant, and how he's achieving balance.

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How to cope with rejection at work5 min read

Didn’t get that new job? How to deal with rejection at work, according to the experts

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Pi Labs unveils latest cohort5 min read

Global VC Pi Labs has kicked off its 2023 Growth Programme, backing five early-stage start-ups that have developed technological solutions.

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