The Ambr tool is your trusted partner for uncovering the causes of workplace stress

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In-product interventions and resources

  • Evidence-based playbooks

    Implement targeted, effective interventions that address the most critical stress factors in your unique company culture.

  • Constantly growing library

    Access the latest and most effective strategies for elevating your team's productivity.

  • Reputable sources

    Take the guesswork out of workplace wellbeing and confidently implement solutions that have been proven to work.

Ensuring full trust


    All data is fully anonymized, meaning individual data is never identifiable or available. 


    The Ambr product is fully compliant with GDPR and data is fully protected.


    Ambr focuses on wellbeing risk factors, without exposing raw data, maintaining confidentiality while delivering actionable insights.

50+ integrations including...

  • Seamless self-serve integrations
  • Compatible with 50+ HR Information Systems
  • Anonymized integrations with workplace tools

Customers reduce stress related absenteeism by 40%

  • "For me, creating a mentally healthy workplace is all about leveraging preventative solutions such as Ambr, that are embedded in our culture, behaviors and the flow of work. If you’re only treating the symptoms of burnout, you’re not addressing the root causes."

    VP of People & Culture. Mr.Yum
  • "Ambr has helped to provide regular points of connection and sharing among the team. Mental health and wellbeing is front of mind for us at smol and it’s been brilliant to have a tool that helps to track sentiment and identify pressure points so that we know when to step in."

    People Manager, smol
  • "I've been impressed by how Ambr has transformed my understanding of my team's stress levels. It's been very helpful to catch signs of burnout early through this low touch process."

    Director, Olio