The Ultimate Solution to Workplace Stress

Are you concerned about workplace stress? Companies are using Ambr to stop burnout before it takes hold.

  • Improve retention
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Increase productivity
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How It Works

  • 1

    Data Collection

    Ambr collects anonymous and objective, real-time data from workplace tools and self-reported subjective data from employees. All data is anonymized so that managers can only see aggregate data and not individual employee data. 

  • 2

    Data Processing

    Ambr processes these objective and subjective data inputs using proprietary AI that identifies trends and surges in stress & burnout risk factors.

  • 3

    Alerting & Insights

    Analysis is delivered through an easy-to-use dashboard that provides insights on an organization's stress and burnout risk scores. With alerts sent through Microsoft Teams and Slack, high-impact issues are promptly brought to your attention.

  • 4

    Action Planning

    With the insights provided by Ambr, organizations can take action to address the root causes of stress and burnout, leading to improved productivity, increased retention, and decreased absenteeism.

50+ integrations including...

  • Seamless self-serve integrations
  • Compatible with 50+ HR Information Systems
  • Anonymized integrations with workplace tools
  • Get Ahead of Burnout

    • Data-driven burnout prevention
    • Accurate stress assessments
    • Insights for HR & management
  • Empower Leaders

    • Identify potential issues
    • Target support & interventions
    • Foster a positive workplace culture
  • Change Behaviors & Track Impact

    • Data-driven decision making
    • Track improvements over time
    • Measure ROI

Find Out How Ambr Can Help Your Company

Book a 30-minute demo session where we'll learn more about your business and show you how we can help you eliminate chronic workplace stress.

"I've been impressed by how Ambr has transformed my understanding of my team's stress levels. It's been very helpful to catch signs of burnout early through this low touch process." 

Director, Olio

"As a team lead, I've gotten significantly more insight into how my team is feeling and what to ask about or look out for with specific individuals. It really gives me context and insight." 

Chief Product Officer, Augment AI