Real Insights, Real-Time.

Use objective, real-time data to establish fast-feedback loops, uncover trends, and proactively address potential challenges before they affect productivity or employee retention. All data is aggregated and anonymized to build trust and protect privacy. 

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How You'll Transform Your Organization with Ambr

  • 1

    Collect Data Confidentially

    With Ambr, you can gather anonymous real-time data from your workplace tools and feedback from employees. Rest assured, your team's privacy is safeguarded as only anonymized, aggregated data is accessible to managers.

  • 2

    Understand the Data with Advanced AI

    Ambr's advanced AI technology helps you interpret objective and subjective data inputs, enabling you to can stay ahead of issues before they escalate.

  • 3

    Gain Insights & Alerts Promptly

    Get a comprehensive view of your organization's health via an intuitive dashboard. And with alerts delivered through Microsoft Teams and Slack, you're immediately notified of any critical issues.

  • 4

    Implement Data-Driven Solutions

    Armed with Ambr's insights, you're empowered to transform your organization, paving the way for increased productivity, improved retention, and decreased absenteeism.

50+ integrations including...

  • Seamless self-serve integrations
  • Compatible with 50+ HR Information Systems
  • Anonymized integrations with workplace tools
  • Objective, Real-Time Data

    • Trust in objective data from workplace tools
    • Validated by subjective inputs
    • Get valuable insights for People & Management teams
  • Empower Leaders to Make a Difference

    • Proactively identify potential issues
    • Tailor support and interventions effectively
    • Cultivate a positive and engaging workplace culture
  • Track Progress & Impact

    • Make data-driven decisions confidently
    • Monitor improvements over time
    • Quantify your ROI

Find Out How Ambr Can Help Your Company

Book a 30-minute demo session where we'll learn more about your business and show you how we can help you improve organizational health.

"I've been impressed by how Ambr has transformed my understanding of my team's stress levels. It's been very helpful to catch signs of burnout early through this low touch process." 

Director, Olio

"As a team lead, I've gotten significantly more insight into how my team is feeling and what to ask about or look out for with specific individuals. It really gives me context and insight." 

Chief Product Officer, Augment AI

Webinar: Preventing Burnout in a Hybrid World

Join Steph Newton, Co-Founder of Ambr, in addressing a critical concern - preventing burnout in hybrid environments. 

This succinct webinar will tackle unique challenges of remote work, expose the root causes of stress, and spotlight early interventions for healthier workspaces.