How Uplink Used Ambr To Take A Data-Driven Approach To Wellbeing

Working in a scaleup environment comes hand-in-hand with fast-pace and frequent milestones. While it is sometimes widely accepted that working in these environments also comes hand-in-hand with high stress and approaching burnout, this does not have to be the case. It is possible to create working environments that promote both performance and wellbeing without sacrificing either, but the key is to get ahead of problems across your teams before they become endemic.

Enter Uplink, an exciting scale-up building a decentralized telco, tokenizing connectivity that chose to roll-out Ambr to their teams to identify issues before they become problems. 


The Story of Uplink

Karolina Stawinska, Head of People & Culture at Uplink, is passionate about building a culture that prioritizes employee wellbeing while also meeting the demands of a fast-paced, ambitious scale-up.
But as a growing, remote-first company with a small HR function, understanding how teams were doing regularly became challenging and Karolina was looking for a solution that would help her gain better insights over her teams, empowering her to perform her role as People and Culture Lead more effectively without adding to her already high workload. 

Why Uplink Chose Ambr

Uplink was also looking for a tool that would easily integrate into employees’s daily workflows without adding additional work to already full to-do lists.

Ambr’s integrations with workplace tools means that anonymized data on working practices across teams can be collected passively, in a privacy preserving way, without employees having to take any extra actions. 

How Uplink Has Used Ambr To Enhance Their Wellbeing Strategy

Here’s a closer look at how Ambr helped Uplink gain a better understanding over the wellbeing of their teams. 

1. Data-Driven Decision Making

It’s hard to make decisions on team well-being without having evidence of the status quo. Ambr’s use of passive data from workplace tools has provided objective evidence to Uplink on the different factors influencing well-being across their teams. This has laid the foundation for internal conversations and action plans, backed up by data.

2. Monthly Wellbeing Reports

Ambr’s have collaborated with Uplink to produce monthly reports that are shared with employees on the latest Ambr data, along with insights and resources for employees. Karolina has coined these “The Uplink Wellness Chronicles” and they have become a regular part of communications at Uplink.

3. Helping Employees Understand Workplace Stressors

Ambr’s dashboard has helped Uplink employees critically reflect on their ways of working and make sure they are focusing on their own wellbeing while also meeting deadlines. One employee used Ambr to reflect on their own working hours and realized they’d been neglecting a good night’s sleep in favor of working late, which was actually beginning to take a hit on their productivity. 

"Before Ambr, I had a sense of which topics we needed to focus on based on my own intuition, but working in a remote environment it’s hard to get full visibility on what’s going on. Ambr has provided underlying data that helps me make a case internally on topics affecting our teams - I no longer need to act on a hunch."

Karolina Stawinska, Head of People & Culture, Uplink

Overall Results

At the time of writing, Uplink have been using Ambr for over 5 months and have maintained a daily team engagement rate of 82%. This demonstrates the power of Ambr as a low-friction tool that helps employees better understand their own workplace stressors, while providing Uplink’s People & Culture Lead with crucial data-driven insights that will continue to inform the company’s wellbeing strategy as they grow. 

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