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  • How does Ambr work?

    Ambr analyzes real-time, passively collected data from workplace tools to provide you with a real picture of your organization’s working practices without having to survey employees. 

    The output of this analysis is an easy-to-use dashboard with targeted interventions and resources to take action off the back of Ambr’s findings. Onboarding is quick and connections with workplace tools can be set up in 15 minutes. 

    Find out more about how Ambr works here.  

  • What tools does Ambr integrate with?

    Ambr integrates with the two most commonly used email and calendar systems: Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 (e.g. Gmail, GCal, Outlook) as well as Slack and all commonly used HR systems.

    In addition, Ambr offers optional integrations with Project Management and Engagement Survey systems. 

    For more detail on Ambr’s integrations please contact us here

  • What is the science behind Ambr?

    Ambr is informed by the latest academic studies showing that traditional wellness programs have minimal impact on employee health outcomes. Instead, we prioritize transforming working practices, as research demonstrates this approach is essential for genuine improvement in wellbeing. 

    Read more about the science behind Ambr here.   

  • How does Ambr protect an individual’s data?

    Ambr is fully GDPR compliant and takes the protection of individual data seriously, employing a privacy-by-design approach to ensure data minimization and secure data processing. We prioritize using the least amount of data necessary for our Product to deliver meaningful insights into workplace wellbeing and stress risk factors. 

    For detailed information on the data we use and how we protect it, please contact us directly here

  • How is Ambr priced?

    Ambr is priced on a per employee per month basis with pricing starting from £5/employee/month for organizations of 200+ employees and £2/employee/month for organizations of more than 1000 employees. Annual discounts are also available.

    Please contact us here for more information on pricing. 

  • Who is Ambr for?

    Ambr gives managers, HR & business leaders a simple framework to interpret working practices across their team(s) and organization. There is flexibility to decide if, when and how to take action throughout the year and organizations are not constrained by the timings of employee surveys given Ambr’s data is collected passively. 

    Ambr does not require any prior data analytics skills and is purposefully designed with ease-of-use in mind so that even the most time-constrained leader can quickly gain insights from the data. 

    Ambr is industry-agnostic and is designed predominantly for those in desk-based roles, either working in office, hybrid or fully remote. 

  • What impact does Ambr have?

    Organizations using Ambr on average experience a 20% reduction in stress related attrition and a 40% reduction in stress-related absence. This translates into savings of $500k per year for a 500 person company. 

    These numbers are calculated using data on stress-related absence and reduction before Ambr is implemented and then after Ambr has been used for at least 3 months. 

  • What data does Ambr collect from workplace tools?

    Ambr collects real-time, objective data from workplace tools to analyze key risk factors associated with workplace wellbeing and stress levels, such as working demands, work-life conflicts, and working relationships & support. 

    This data helps provide aggregated insights to HR, business, and team leaders to proactively manage and improve workplace wellbeing. For detailed information on the specific data collected and how it is used, please contact us directly here.  

    We are committed to privacy by design and data minimisation, ensuring only the necessary data is processed to deliver meaningful insights while maintaining employee privacy.

  • How does Ambr ensure data is stored securely?

    Ambr prioritizes the security of your data, adhering to industry-standard cybersecurity standards and encryption techniques to protect information. We ensure compliance with GDPR, safeguarding your data with the utmost care and responsibility. 

    For a deeper understanding of our security measures and how we handle data, please contact us directly here or request access to our Security Portal

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