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  • How does Ambr work?

    Ambr works by scanning organizational health and providing you with analytical insights and recommended actions to help you fix challenges.

    Ambr offers integration with your existing workplace tools, such as Slack, Google Calendar & Microsoft Teams.

    Find out more about how Ambr works here.

  • How does Ambr protect data?

    Data privacy is built into the core of Ambr. All data that Ambr collects is fully anonymized and aggregated - meaning individual level data is never shared with anyone. 

    Ambr subject to the highest cybersecurity standards and is fully GDPR compliant.

    Find out more about how Ambr uses data here.

  • Who is Ambr for?

    Ambr can be used by any team of more than five people, be that a fledgling startup or global organisation with several thousands of employees.

    Ambr is used by HR Leaders, Business Leaders & People Managers to improve organizational performance.

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  • What’s the science behind Ambr?

    Ambr is based on the latest academic research on organizational health. Ambr also has partnerships with several researchers to help further develop the science of organizational behavior and wellbeing.

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